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Here is a fantastic walnut 1860's Victorian hanging headbord highback bed. It has beautiful burl designs on the headboard and posts . We stripped it as you can in the first coule of pictures , followed by a picture with the finish applied .




A customer brought in this old store counter. It was loaded up with many coats of paint as you can see in the first picture . He wanted us to strip the paint off the best we could and he was goinig to finish it . We hope that he will be surprised and pleased when he comes to pick it up .



A customer brought this really nice example of an old country pine cabinet into the shop right before Christmas with a special request to have it stripped and finished for his wife for a gift . This cabinet had many, many layers of paint on it .With a lot of work , we managed to get it done . Just in the "Nick " of time !





Here is a Walnut Sideboard after being

restored back to its original condition.


Here is a couple of Mahogany tables after being

restored back to their original condition.



This walnut chair had a broken leg when it came into our shop ...

We had to make a duplicate leg to fix it .  


This Windsor style chair had a broken stretcher

when it came into our shop ...

We had to make a duplicate stretcher to fix it .  



A very nice oak rocker refinished

 with a new seagrass bottom woven .





















































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